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Ground Works and Landscaping

At Stour Valley Oak, our comprehensive service means we don’t just design and craft beautiful oak frames; we also carry out all the necessary ground works to ensure your structure has solid, durable foundations that will last its entire lifetime, and landscaping that will help it blend seamlessly into its new surroundings. 

Robust Foundations 

Our oak frames are designed to last a lifetime, so it’s integral that they’re built upon strong foundations that will provide a firm, level base and  elevate it above ground level to protect it from the elements. With this is mind, our expert team will assess your plot and devise the best footings for your build, determined by several factors including the nature of the ground and the load imposed on it. Most commonly, we use raft or strip foundations. Following consultation our ground work team will take care of excavating and installing the footings, ultimately creating a solid brick plinth for your oak frame to sit on, while always being mindful of the surrounding environment and aiming to cause minimal disruption. 

Raft Foundations 


A raft foundation is a reinforced concrete slab that sits under the whole of a building, spreading the load over a large area therefore lowering the pressure on the ground.  


Type 1 hardcore 



Pour concrete 

Strike shuttering 

Backfill excavation 

Brick plinth 

Strip Foundations

Strip foundations are one of the most commonly used foundations. Generally used for ground where the subsoil is of a good bearing capacity, they are designed for structures with a relatively modest load. 


Pour concrete 

Block work foundation 

Type 1 hardcore 



Brick plinth 

Hard Landscaping

At Stour Valley oak, we find that our customers often require hard landscaping to finish their project. Whether that’s a driveway extension to lead directly to a new cartlodge, a retaining wall to connect a garden room to the existing property, or a patio area to compliment the aesthetic of an orangery, our keyturn service means we have the expertise and capacity to carry out any finishing touches you require.


Tell us your ideas and we’ll design, plan and create them, helping your new oak framed building marry effortlessly with its surroundings. Take a look at our photo gallery to see some of our completed projects.

We’re Here To Help 

If you’d like to speak to our expert team, give us a call on 01787 281739 or use our contact form. Tell us your ideas and we can give you all the advice and information you need get your project started. Let Stour Valley Oak turn your ideas into reality.

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